Advancing the Science of Radiopharmaceuticals Conjugations Radiolabeling Research & 

Advancing the
Science of Radiopharmaceuticals
Conjugations Radiolabeling Research & 


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IsoTherapeutics Group, LLC (IsoTherapeutics) is a radiopharmaceutical company that was founded in 2005 by two entrepreneur scientists with a passion for advancing the technology of radiopharmaceuticals. The company scientists, while employed at the Dow Chemical Company, developed QUADRAMET® a radiopharmaceutical for treatment of bone pain due to metastatic cancer, treatments for arthritis, osteoporosis, and osteomyelitis, just to name a few. IsoTherapeutics scientists have received over 100 patents for developing chemistry and radiopharmaceutical formulations.

Our Services

IsoTherapeutics offers host of services to the pharmaceutical and life-science industries.

The range of services include helping customers/partners with early stage research from proof of concept for a new chemistry or drug molecule through making of the drug in a cGMP facility for preclinical studies. These services include:

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IsoTherapeutics Group is located about 45 miles south of Houston at 1004 South Velasco Street in Angleton, Texas. The facility consists of three buildings equipped with offices, R&D laboratories, cGMP production area, documentation room, shipping and receiving, controlled storage areas and an animal research laboratory.

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ITG has a variety of radioanalytical counting equipment including alpha, beta, and gamma counters. Most of the work with radiopharmaceuticals is done using NaI well crystals which we have coupled to ultichannel analyzers and sample changers. We also have several Ge crystals for high resolution gamma spectroscopy plus liquid scintillation capabilities to work with beta-emitting radionuclides.
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Got a Project? Let's Schedule An Appointment

The IsoTherapeutics Group will be at the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging annual meeting in Chicago June 24-27.
We value our relationship with you and your organization, and we would be pleased to spend some time discussing the latest developments in our industry and explore how we may be able to assist you.
Please feel free to drop by our exhibition booth (#4094) if you have a chance. If you would like to schedule some time for more in-depth discussions, feel free to give me a call or send me an e-mail, and we can try to work out something that suits both of our schedules.
We hope to see you at the meeting.