R. Keith Frank, Ph.D.


Dr. Frank is a co-founder of IsoTherapeutics. A synthetic organic chemist by training, he has spent the first 23 years of his career at The Dow Chemical Company. His principle activity was in the development of radiopharmaceuticals, including two approved products (Quadramet® and I-125 IotrexTM). He holds 22 US patents and has over 30 publications.

Dr. Frank initiated and led ChelaMedSM radiopharmaceutical services at Dow. In that role he helped other companies develop radiopharmaceuticals and taught them about isotopes and conjugation chemistry. He also has expertise in developing tumors in animal studies and in radiation dosimetry.

Jaime (Jim) Simón, Ph.D.


Dr. Simón is a co-founder of IsoTherapeutics. He is a radiochemist by training and spent 25 years at The Dow Chemical Company where he was responsible for a group dedicated to developing new pharmaceutical technologies. He holds over 50 US patents, including the key patents covering Quadramet® (153Sm-EDTMP) for the treatment of bone cancer and STR (166Ho-DOTMP) for safely ablating bone marrow prior to bone marrow transplants. Dr Simón has over 70 publications.

Lance Cooper

Director Of Business Development And Chemist

Lance Cooper has more than thirty years of increasing and varied responsibilities in the chemical industry that has included:

  • Customer Technical Service
  • Manufacturing Issue Management
  • Product Stewardship Management
  • Chelation / Metal Ion Control Expertise
  • Detergent / Cleaning Formulation Development
  • Polyurethane Technology Expertise
  • Product specification development
  • Quality Management System Expertise


Stephen Davis

Quality Control Manager and Human Resources Director

Tara Rumsey, B.S., MB(ASCP)cm


George M. St. George, Ph.D.

Senior Scientist and Quality Assurance Manager

Scot Ellebracht


Rhonda Key


Natalie Jennings

Quality Associate

Jacob L. Gonzales


Tim Jones


Shannon Gonzales, CG(ASCP)cm

Technologist and IACUC Chairman

Kim Miller

Executive Assistant and Purchasing Manager

Board of Directors

Keith Frank

Jim Simón

Lonnie Key

Steve Ellebracht