CycloSam® Sm-153 DOTMP Spun-Out into IGL Pharma, Inc.

A new company, IGL Pharma, Inc. has been formed to move CycloSam® forward through clinical trials. CycloSam® is a patented new bone-seeking radiopharmaceutical being developed for bone cancers, including the treatment of primary bone tumors, secondary bone metastases and for bone marrow ablation/transplant.


Brachytherapy Treatment for Solid Tumors

IsoTherapeutics, in collaboration with the Gabriel Institute and Valco Instruments Company, Inc. has developed a novel patented method to treat solid inoperable tumors. Traditional brachytherapy uses encapsulated gamma emitters which makes irradiation of non-target tissue a potential issue. Beta emitters, which would have a much smaller field of irradiation, are generally not used in this manner because the capsules would effectively shield the beta particles. Use of beta emitters without encapsulation would normally result in the migration of isotope and thus radiation dose to non-target tissues. BetaBrach™ involves a simple and effective chemical approach to immobilizing metallic radioisotopes. This technology is available for license.

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Telix Expands U.S. Development and Manufacturing Infrastructure with Acquisition of IsoTherapeutics

Melbourne (Australia) – 27 February 2024. Telix Pharmaceuticals Limited (ASX: TLX, Telix, the Company) today announces it has entered into an agreement to acquire IsoTherapeutics Group, LLC (IsoTherapeutics), a specialty radiopharmaceutical development and bioconjugation firm, based in Angleton, Texas. Founded in 2005, IsoTherapeutics is a privately held, commercial-stage company, which provides radiochemistry and bioconjugation development and contract manufacturing services to many companies in the radiopharmaceutical industry, including Telix.
In line with Telix’s continued investment in the vertical integration of supply chain, manufacturing and development capabilities, the acquisition is expected to further enhance Telix’s in-house drug development capabilities. A key driver for the acquisition is to enable Telix to bring select aspects of its development programs in-house, with the goal of reducing cost and time to achieve technical milestones.
The acquisition will also expand Telix’s U.S. manufacturing footprint with a site that includes a GMP1 clean room and production infrastructure suitable for clinical use. The site also has extensive capacity to process a wide variety of therapeutic isotopes used in Telix’s development portfolio.