Who We Are

Founded in 2005
by Two Passionate Scientists

IsoTherapeutics Group, LLC (IsoTherapeutics) is a radiopharmaceutical company that was founded in 2005 by two entrepreneur scientists with a passion for advancing the technology of radiopharmaceuticals.

The company scientists, while employed at the Dow Chemical Company, developed QUADRAMET® a radiopharmaceutical for treatment of bone pain due to metastatic cancer, treatments for arthritis, osteoporosis, and osteomyelitis, just to name a few.

IsoTherapeutics scientists have received over 100 patents for developing chemistry and radiopharmaceutical formulations.

Why Choose Us

We Aid our customers and collaborators in development of pharmaceuticals.

01. Extensive Experience

Our company scientists have extensive experience in chelation and radiochemistry, which can be applied to a variety of technologies.

02. radioactive materials license

The company has a radioactive materials license to handle numerous radioisotopes of interest to the radiopharmaceutical community.

03. Conjugation & Radiolabeling

Our capabilities allow us to radiolabel proteins or antibody conjugates, which are ideal for pre-clinical proof of concept research for radio-immunotherapy and diagnostic applications.

04. animal testing facility

We have an animal testing facility which gives us the ability to perform bio-distribution and pharmacokinetic studies on normal or xenograft models using radiolabeled compounds.

Our Commitment

IsoTherapeutics understands what's Important

With the increasing significance of biologics for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes in pharmaceutical applications, the ability to verify biomolecular localization in vitro and in vivo has become ever more important.

We have been closely involved in early stage analysis and proof of concept in this type of application for numerous customers. Additionally, we collaborate with a number of imaging companies and their customers to provide conjugation/radiolabeling of biologics for pre-clinical technology assessments for both diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

IsoTherapeutics opened its registered cGMP manufacturing facility equipped with clean rooms to facilitate many R&D and manufacturing opportunities. Finally, we have a wide array of analytical capabilities including GC, ICP, and HPLC with Rad, UV and RI capabilities and also a wide variety of radio-analytical counting equipment.

Our Business Model

A close Collaboration centered on innovation

Our business model is to collaborate with companies, venture capitalist groups, universities, and medical centers that complement our offerings and technologies for developing novel diagnostic and therapeutic agents for severe diseases. Current collaborators are:

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